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Ginori 1735 - LCDC Il Frate Red Clay Incense Burner

€ 245,00


Exclusive to Balo, discover Caterina De' Medici's entourage: the amazon, the lover, the scholar, the companion, the favourite, the monk, the lady, the fire master. These are the characters from Caterina De' Medici's entourage that bring Ginori's first home fragrance collection 1735 to life. Designed by Luca Nichetto, these creations are timeless, fragrant works of art.

Symbol of generosity. The Friar is an expert in the alchemy of the human soul. He always knows how to help. Depicts a face placed on a porcelain plate, reminiscent of his cloak. Street Art-style decorations reference the ingredients that friars used to make perfumes in the Renaissance.

Porcelain refillable incense burner with a set of 80 Orange Renaissance incense sticks.
Hand decorated with precious metals and made in Italy.
Dimensions: H 21 cm - L 16 cm - *with incense stick

The Orange Renaissance fragrance is inspired by the favourite ingredient during the era of the De' Medicis in Florence. This cheerful and charming blend pays homage to orange blossom. A festive fragrance that pays tribute to the richest period in cultural history - the Renaissance - and recalls the orange blossom that was the dominant element in perfume in Florence at the time. This is the rebirth of an essence that has the power to seduce and burn with love.

Fragrance family: woody, citrus
Top: bergamot, blackcurrant
Heart: mint, Tuscan cypress
Base: honey, musk


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