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Lifestyle & Deco

Assouline, known worldwide as a publisher of luxury and artistic books, has earned a unique place in both the literary and design worlds. This brand is known for its beautifully designed books that cover a range of topics, from fashion and art to travel and gastronomy. Assouline books are not only informative but also true works of art, designed to be an aesthetic addition to any interior.

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Knowledge and style

Aesthetic literature

Assouline creates books that are both a source of knowledge and a statement of style. Each book is characterised by rich illustrations, high-quality paper, and extraordinary craftsmanship. Ideal for those passionate about culture and beauty, Assouline's books offer a unique way to bring art, fashion, and history into the home. Their collections serve as the perfect complement for stylish bookshelves and coffee tables, and are a must-have for any design lover.

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