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Baobab Collection is known for its ability to add ambience and character to a space with its carefully curated fragrances. Each product, from the hand-poured candles to the delicately designed fragrance diffusers, is made with the highest quality standards and aesthetic considerations. Inspired by distant lands and exotic landscapes, Baobab's collections offer a sensory experience that is both sophisticated and inviting. Baobab Collection is the ideal choice for those seeking luxury, quality and a unique fragrance experience in their home environment.

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Interior design with a mission

The Missoni Home collection is a celebration of colour and pattern, with each piece making a statement. From luxurious fabrics and bedding to uniquely upholstered furniture pieces, Missoni Home transforms ordinary spaces into dynamic and stylish environments. Reflecting Missoni's iconic fashion aesthetic, this collection is perfect for those looking to enrich their home with playful, fashionable and high-quality design elements.

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