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Assouline Burberry

€ 195,00

More than 165 years of innovation, adventure and a unique expression of Britishness come to life in Burberry, a lavishly illustrated book filled with material from the Burberry archives and beyond. Five chapters, with 200 illustrations, trace Burberry's evolution from a family-owned business founded in 1856 to a renowned global luxury brand in 2022.

Each chapter explores a series of notable events and the emblems Burberry is known for. Think inspirational explorers, signature trenchcoats and a distinctly British identity. Today, the trench coat and distinctive Check remain instantly recognizable house codes, elevated, reworked and reconstructed in each collection - but always symbolic of Burberry's history, craftsmanship and enduring British style. This volume, from Assouline's Legends collection, is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the enduring British style and craftsmanship that have made Burberry a household name.

The book has 252 pages and measures W 27.8 cm x L 35.4 cm x D 4.5 cm.

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