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Baobab Collection Scented Candle Sand Siloli Max 10

€ 105,00

The "Sand" collection stems from the expertise of artisan glassblowers and reflects the magic of glass like no other. The colour is layered and sparkling flakes form long lines referring to the origin of both the material and the earth.

Baobab Collection's "Sand Siloli" scented candle with perfume of dry cedar and tonka bean transports you to vast forests with a tropical climate, while a hint of lime gives it an eccentric freshness.

The mouth-blown glass of the fragrance candle Siloli is a tone-on-tone creation based on beige and brown. The horizontal lines on the glass are haphazardly dotted with small, organic hollows. Each glass is handmade and unique.

The scented candle is available in three different sizes:

Max 10: Has a height of 10 cm, a weight of 1.35 kg, +- 60 burning hours and 4 wicks.

Max 16: Has a height of 16 cm, a weight of 2.2 kg, +- 150 burning hours and 4 wicks.

Max 24: Has a height of 24 cm, a weight of 5 kg, +- 400 burning hours and 5 wicks.

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