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Cire Trudon Bougie ERNESTO 270gr

€ 95,00

The "Ernesto" scented candle by Cire Trudon depicts the multifaceted spirit of Ernesto Guevera, better known as "Che Gueveara" or "El Che". As befits a great romantic, he was a fan of cigars. This candle takes us to a sun-drenched hotel in Havana. In a shadowy corner, we vaguely see outlines of faces, hear the ringing of guns and smoke fumes rise: dangerous but oh so tempting. Thanks to the rich notes of tobacco, leather and amber and the light scents of bergamot, grapefruit and rum, we briefly imagine ourselves in Cuba. Fill your interior with a fragrance full of warm charm. The candle weighs 270gr, has a diameter of 9 cm, a height of 10.5 cm and lasts up to 60 burning hours.

Claude Trudon arrived in Paris in 1643 to start a grocery shop on Rue Saint-Honoré. He also provided his customers with candles to light their homes and parishes. His son Jacques continued the business and in 1687 became a welcome guest at the court of Versailles as apothecary to Queen Marie-Thérèse. The Trudon house became a wax supplier to the French court and all major churches in the 18th century. It even survived the French Revolution and Napoleon. Cire Trudon continued the craft uninterrupted to this day, becoming the oldest and most prestigious wax producer in the world. The scented candles are of unparalleled quality and beauty. Through surprising collaborations with leading designers, the age-old brand continues to innovate.

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