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Assouline Cartier Panthère

€ 195,00

The panther strolls silently through Cartier's iconography for a century and is the proud leader of the group of precious animals that make up Cartier's famous menagerie. No other creature or jewel is so inextricably and emotionally linked with outstanding 20th-century women of style, with ideals of modern femininity, and has become Cartier's most iconic motif for a century. A symbol of power, seduction and triumph since ancient times, the image of the panther always arouses fantasies and dreams.

With texts by art historian Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter, jewellery historian Vivienne Becker, jewellery expert Joanna Hardy and fashion editor André Leon Talley, Cartier Panthère describes the panther in art history, the evolution of Cartier panther jewellery, the techniques involved in making a Cartier panther jewellery piece, the panther's influence in fashion, design and popular culture, and includes a chronology of 100 years of Cartier panther jewellery.

The book has 300 pages and measures W 28 cm x L 35.4 cm x D 5.2 cm.

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