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Assouline Tuscany Marvel

€ 105,00

The Italian region of Tuscany is a feast for all the senses. A creative hotbed that has cultivated art and architecture for eras such as Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance and modern times. Worn churches, once halted during nineteenth-century Grand Tours, stand tall in the towns' squares. Rolling hills of wheat and colourful olive groves, which inspire authentic Tuscan cuisine, are dotted with villas built by the prestigious Medici family. The Tyrrhenian Sea stretches off the coast and ripples along the shore of Elba, the island where Emperor Napoleon was exiled. Picturesque villages, historic towns and bustling cities are scattered across the landscape, which is almost as varied as the communities themselves. Tuscany is dreaming, where thousands come to relive history and admire the beauty of a region.

In the fashion world, Ferragamo, Gucci and Pucci all have ties to Florence and its endless inspiration. What truly defines Tuscany, however, is its timelessness. Masterpieces from centuries gone by still lure huge crowds. Brunelleschi's dome in Florence will always strike onlookers with awe.

The book has 312 pages, is written in English and measures W 25.4 x L 33 x D 3.81 cm.




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